1. Pretty Things

From the recording Real Special Feelin'

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Written by: MARK BRINE
I was walking down Broadway just the other dayWhen in through a little shop window, I saw a young ladyIn a new dress all 'a glowin' her happiness was showin''N I had to stop for the beauty of it, made me

For she was so in-her-glory 'n her proud husband was tooAs She fluttered about like a butterfly in the lookin' glassThen, I saw you in her place with that smile on your face'N oouu, how I wished I could, someday do you like that

Chorus: Pretty, PRETTY THINGSSomeday I'll get them for youFor all that you doThe happiness you bring oouu, oouu Pretty things for my pretty thingYeah, my pretty thing

You say it don't matter, that ya love me anywayBut deep down inside I can tell that you're not happy'Cause your sad eyes give-away 'n it goes on day after day'N it only makes me want more 'n more t' give my ©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)