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Written by: Mark Brine

1. Down a celestial railwayI watched the hobo comeguitar strapped ‘n singin’ out ... the lonesome song he strummed ... approaching in this vision the world he’d left behinda message in his melodyprophetic and sublime ...

2. Returning with a warningto heed his haunting wordsthat echoed thru the bleaknessthough distant, still I heard him singing ... “A train bound for glory will rattle soon this trackjust beyond the sunsetit’s pounding its way back ...

3. So turn from all your idols ... do not put your trust in mefor I am but a messengerof a much greater majestyno, put your house in orderdo not tarry for it’s late” then I watched the drifter’s notes ascend as the dawning day did break

4. Yes, and as I raised my eyes to follow (them)from this feverish sleep, I wokethe scene burning in my mem’ry ... with all the words that he had spokeand in the dim light of my room in my tremblin’ state, I wrotethis vision I had witnessed that it might put to note ... (Yes ...)©Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)