1. Riverboat

From the recording for Karrie

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Written by:  Mark Brine
 A scene comes back from, oh, so very long ago of a barefoot boy, upon these banks ... and the RIVERBOAT
 Chorus: Riverboat ... carry me away (3.Before you go ... please carry me away)
 School days lost to wanderlust ... while my feet would soak in the flow of dreams ... that brought me you ... oh, riverboat  Bridge: Riverboat, you've passed my by ... oh, so many years Take me to where 'er you go ... 'cause you'd surely know ... Just anywhere ... oh, riverboat ... riverboat carry me away
 Time has aged you so ... old riverboat in the blurry mist ... you glide so slow ... old riverboat©2003 Mark Brine -  Mark Brine Music (BMI)