From the recording LIVE in a Field of Bluegrass

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Written by: Mark Brine

1. ‘Twas in the year of 1903 ... the 23rd day of MayDr. Harotio Jackson set out from Frisco by the bay ... Yes, it was a fifty dollar wager that had prompted the whole ordealTo cross the entire US of A for the first time in an automobile

2. So, with his trusty dog and mechanic ... Bud and Sewell, respectively They headed straight for the East Coast with thick googles on all threeYes, in his open-top 2 cylinder ... Winton, they beganDefying unpaved ‘n dusty, ole roads ... for no highways had yet stretched this land

3. Up through the Rocky Mountains with no fuel pump for to aideHaving to drive in reverse up the steep, treacherous, deathly gradesThen down through the swamps and the barren plains in 2 months time They came ...  at last to New York City ‘n to immediate national acclaim

4. The mad doctor from Vermont ... they had called him before …
Now a hero in their eyes ... Horatio Nelson Jackson with Bud and Sewell by his sideYeah, I guess it just goes to show you ... If you’re patient and you believeAnd keep your eyes set on the prize ... you’re bound to eventually succeed

5. So, listen all you heated motorists ... yes, you drivers with road rageThank your lucky stars you’re sitting on a road that’s smooth and pavedAnd the next time you feel like lashing-out at your neighbor on the roadJust think of ole Horatio’s ride ‘n it’ll surely lighten your loadYes, just think of ole Horatio’s drive ‘n be grateful you’re even on a road!
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