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Written by: Mark Brine
1.Now, the woods up in Winooski, I'll tell ya..there as thick as I've ever seenI remember it was a Summer back in the real early '60's..when I was visitin' there.. I was just about gettin' into my teens
2. Me & Cousin Harold we were out playin' in therejust messin' around in them Vermont forrest-greenswhen along thru the thicket come his friend, his baseball hat 'n ole blue jeans
3. He says "I'm goin' t' the pond over at Perkin's place..gonna take myself a nice cool dipwhy don't ya's join me, with this sun so hot.. I'll guarantee yait'll be worth the trip?"
4.Cousin Harold says "Hey, Gibby, you gotta be know old Mr. Perkin's mean as a bear..besides, we ain't got any swim trunks.. 'n we don't wannahave'ta go all the way home t' get 'em, back there"
5.Gibby returned, real cool.. "Hey, I ain't no fool...Ole Perkins, I saw him leave home at dawn..he's off t' town, he won't be around.. 'til this mis'rable Sun's gone down"
6."And as for swim suits.. well, who really needs 'em?..we're all boys.. so what's the big deal?...c'mon, let's go".. 'n off they went... right ontothe nearby field (Goin' t' Perkin's place)
7.Now, I'll admit, I was a little nervous 'bout it all..but, I tagged along despite'n when it came t' strippin' down, it really felt strange..t' be standin' around like that, in the broad daylight...
8.But, once we was in the water, it gotta feelin' pretty good'n as a matter of fact, we gotta havin' a real time!'n the 3 of us got so lost in fun.. to the world, all aroundwe were totally blind
9. So blind, I'll tell ya.. we didn't even noticeMr. Perkins when he came to a stop...on the edge of the water... on top of our clothes...with a shotgun in a loose arm-lock
10. "HEY, WHAT'A YOU KIDS DOIN'!", we immediately frozethen scattered like a school of Bass.. off t'wards the opposite-safe-side-of-the-pond'n up, we flew, across the knee-high grass
11. Pantin' 'n gaspin', we fin'lly got off'a his land'n into the thicket we come to a stopit wasn't until then that we realizedall of our clothes that we'd very-hurriedly forgot
12. "Gibby, I oughta kill you" "Hey, Harold, hold on...I think I know what we can do..let's go check out the Thompson's family clothes linewith all'a them kids.. there's bound t' be a thing or two"(So, off we went thru the woods.. like nudists... Ree-eal Scared nudists!)
13. Now, the Thompson's backyard was silent...not a soul came into view as we sneakingly creptup t' the clothes line t' only find some lacey dressesthen we heard 3 of the owners on the back steps
14. The screams of the girls had our heads in a whirl'n Gibby was so anxious t' make his fleehe tore one of the dresses right in half... 'n grabbin' another.. he took off, right behind me
15. As red as 3 beets, we fin'lly made it into the woods'n into the dresses, we tangled our wayat last, fin'lly clothed, we looked at each other..only t' be more embarrassed that way
16. then off thru the woods, like 3 ballerinaswe scurried t' get ourselves back homeran into a couple people along the dirt road.. felt really silly..just kept on lookin' straight on (don't look back!)
17.when, at last, we got there.. we were real fortunate..'cause, Harold's Dad 'n Mom were somewhere's goneso, we made our way upstairs.. 'n got out 'f those dresses'n into somethin' that felt much better t' have on(Yeah, don't like them dresses... especially lacey ones!)
18. That night at dinner, we all sat around real quiet'n Gibby stayed over our place (he's scared t' go home!)I must'a looked as guilty as they didjudgin' by the expressions they had on their faces
19.Then, all of a sudden, we heard the trucks pull in the driveway'n sure enough, the knocks come on the doorMr. Thompson 'n Mr. Perkins.. both at the same timeneed I tell ya what they was comin' by for? (Double Trouble!)
20.Well, we got our hides tanned.. 'n I'll tell ya whatI didn't think of skinny dippin' for a real long time afterYeah, it took a good couple'a years ...though we joke about it nowto recover from that whole disaster(oouuu… I had those skinny dippin' blues)
21.Now, if there's a moral to this whole storyI guess it's, that if ya ever get caught in the buffit's better t' just own up.. 'n take what's due...rather than t' make it worse.. 'n try 'n cover it all up(yeah, don't try 'n cover it up!)
22.'n I might suggest, if y' do skinny dipwhy don't ya leave your outer clothes on one side of the pond'n your unders… on the other... just in case...somebody out'a nowhere chances 'long...
(Tags: Fading)
that way y' got somethin' t' go on'n don't go doin' it around Winooski..I think ole Mr. Perkins is still up there...bad place t' pick... t' Skinny Dip...Good place t' get the Skinny Dippin' Blues...oouuu… the Skinny Dippin' Blues (etc.) c2006 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)