From the recording Return to Americana

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Written by: Mark Brine

1. Someday you’re gonna come back ... lookin’ for meSomeday when your heart starts t’ missin’You’re gonna come to my door ... But I won’t be there no moreThere’ll just be a note that says ... “Sorry ... Gone fishin’”

Chorus:Sorry gone fishin’ ‘n I doubt I’ll be back‘cause there’s too many fish t’ be catchin’I tried for so long to warn you but you just wouldn’t listen (2. Wouldn’t pay attention)So, now it’s too late ... (2. So like I said)Sorry ... Gone fishin’

2. I’ll be down at the streamYeah, you know what I meanWhen ya come back lookin’ for this oneBut, there’ll be no one to findNo, you won’t be on my mind‘cause, like I said ... Sorry ... Gone fishin’©1982 /Mark Brine Music (BMI)