1. Stephen

From the recording for Karrie

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Written by: Mark Brine
Those days we spent in Chinatown becoming friends again. Fate brought us together, once more that we might speak of then.  Yes, our early years in Cambridge when we longed for nothing less than, how the future would unfold when we would finally leave the nest ... oh ... oh ... oh. 
Chorus:  Stephen ... my childhood friend (2. old) (3. life-long) if I could only see you again ... oh ... oh.  (Who can foresee the ends) Stephen ...
I took South to search it out.  You went to Broadway.  I wrote songs about the past.  Your film retold those days.  Was it all so sacred to us?  Yes, it truly must have been for I still find myself returning 'n peeking back now 'n then ... oh ... oh ... oh ... (Chorus)
How much we shared as Brothers in our music and love for art and that last time that I saw you still darkly warms my heart ... yes ..never to be forgotten like when we spoke of it all back then in those days we spent in Chinatown ... becoming friends again ... oh ... oh ... oh  ©2003 Mark Brine/Mark Brine Music (BMI)