From the recording I Deliver

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Written by: Mark Brine

1. Still waitin’ for a train.. t’ take me from this lonesome townAll around the station.. ‘n the blues keeps fallin’ down (like rain)

2. Look’it that moon slowly rollin’ across that dark molasses skyYeah, time creeepin’ like a lazy clock ... Still that train gonna gitHere, by ‘n byI swear, I just don’t know if I’m gonna make it ‘Til the hour ..that train arrives

3. There’s people in this town.. make a career out’a puttin’ me downYeah, there’s some people in this town make me feel like I ain’t nuthin’but some kinda dirt t’ kick aroundBut when the mornin’ come up, real early  ... I ain’t gonna be nowhere to be found

4. But, still .. still waitin’ for a train‘N the blues keeps fallin’ downStill waitin’, still waitin’ ... got my head hung down ©1994 Mark Brine Music (BMI)