1. Sunday Ride
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Written by: Mark Brine

1. Sunday ride, let’s take a Sunday rideUp ‘n down the country sittin’ close side by side Bring along the children.. Pack up them sandwiches, too ‘Cause I ain’t hurryin’ back.. from this Sunday ride with you

2. All week long I’ve been waitin’ for the week t’ endJust so’s we could get out ‘n take a Sunday ride againY’ know, sweetheart, your Daddy..  he’s really too easy t’ pleaseYeah, all I’m askin’ of ya..  is a Sunday ride with me

Chorus:We’ll find a little fruit standOr a penny candy storeWe’ll just keep on drivin’ “Til the road don’t go no moreSunday ride, yeah, let’s take a Sunday ride (please, baby)‘Cause, darlin’ it’s relaxin’ ‘n it leaves me satisfied

3. Some folks like Europe, others folks travel worldwideBut I don’t need t’ go that far, I’ll settle for a Sunday rideThere’s plenty ‘a scenery, plenty ‘a thing t’ doOn a Sunday ride ‘specially when I’m ridin’ with you©1989 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)