1. Sweet Harmony

From the recording Electric Hillbilly

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Written by: Johnny Irwin

An old man stops his taxi.. somewhere near the Bowery
then he stacks a lady's groceries.. on the backseat for a tip
and as they wind around the clovers (corners).. she is staring at his picture
and then he hears his whole life.. on her lips

"Say, you once were big on T.V. .. your singing style was Country
you were married to Sweet Harmony.. is she still living too?"
Then she tears off some brown bag.. and she hands it up for signing..
Sweet Harmony... I signed for me and you...

Chorus 1:
Sweet Harmony.. couldn't live with me... and watch me die a falling star
She landed on El Paso sands.. She married some big business man..
Sweet Harmony and me.. we fell apart

I went down... in the Bowery.. just like a match dropped in whiskey
'til the price of my performance.. couldn't settle at the bar
then, I made one more record.. but, I heard the age and the whiskey
and the sounds that were missing.. broke my heart

Chorus 2:
Sweet Harmony.. How you shined with me...
Through flames of fame and golden youth
and now I drive a Bowery cab.. and when I sign an autograph...

Sweet Harmony... I cry for me and you
c2006 Miss Rebecca Music