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Written by: MARK BRINE
Chorus:THERE’S A GOOSE IN MRS. ALEXANDER’S KITCHENThere’s a goose as big as any goose can beAnd it’s fluddering ‘round and knockin’ down the dishes (trimmings)And Mrs. A is in the utmost misery Yeow (airplane sound)
There goes the window shadesKa-boom … there goes the chair Mrs. A has got her broom out ‘n she’s chasin’ it here ‘n thereCa-runch … there goes the chinaChing-a-ling … the silverware What a mess that goose is makin’ everywhere
Watch out for that big glass bowl!!!Forget it she can’t hearMrs. A is on her knees now ‘n she’s pullin’ out her hairCa-rash … right through the cupboard glass ‘N all the plants hung with such careIt looks just like a pillow fight, there’s pieces everywhere 'cause©2003 Mark Brine Music (BMI)