From the recording My Christmas Song for You

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The Christmas Tree in Mother�s House

The Christmas tree in mother's house
Was alive with shiny lights
It took me back through all the years
To other Christmas nights

I watched our children have their fun
With there toys and games
It made me think of Santa Claus
And all the reindeers names
Jingle Bells and Silent Night
And all the songs we sing

With all the joys of Christmas past
And the memories they bring
There was a year so long ago
When I got my big red bike
There was a doll for sister Sue
And a bear for little Mike

It somehow seems like yesterday
But many years have passed
And now our children play our parts
But they're growing up too fast

Someday soon they'll be gone
The same way that we were
But the memory will linger on till
Christmas time next year
�2006 Larry Whinnery