From the recording Old Timey Tunes, Vol. 2

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Written by: Mark Brine
Everybody’s dancin’ ‘n boogyin’ on downSwingin’ their partners around It’s Friday night ... Got the pay-day bluesBeen waitin’ all week just’a move my shoes
Chorus:The Honky Tonk’s rippin’Perspirations just drippin’Right off my (2.& 3. their) face ... What a wild ‘n crazy placeYeah, the Honky Tonk’s rippin’
Big gal Minnie’s got her new pumps onSmackin’ her lips chewin’ bubble gumKate’s shakin’ her arms like some preacher carryin’ on..’n..Tomorrow mornin‘ she’s  gonna wake up numb but
Little Johnny Mean’s got his hot machineBlockin’ the doorway ‘n he’s makin’ the sceneWith little Miss Laura ‘n it ain’t no use‘cause when they get rockin’ they really get loose, yeah…
©1984 /Mark Brine/ Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)