From the recording Electric Hillbilly


Written by: Mark Brine
Chorus:The long lost art of common sense‘s been sold down the river at the world’s (2. Public’s/3.People’s) expenseWisdom’s on vacation   she’s sittin’ on a fence … with… (2.‘n now, we’re all eatin’ popcorn.. ‘n sittin’ on a fence.. watchin’..)(3.Yeah, logic’s in love.. ‘n she’s sittin’ on a fence… with…)The long, lost art of Common Sense… (Tag: Yes, the fog’s getting’ thicker..’n it’s gettin’ kinda dense.. All ‘cause of…)
Yeah, you see it in the college..  especially those who teachThe nutty professor intellect..  who thinks his job is just to preachOr the Hollywood movie stars.. who claim they know what’s right’n how to run the world.. when they can’t even run their lives.. it’s..
Yeah, you hear it on the news ‘n from people that you meetEven in some churches..  on the first day of the week‘n it make ya kinda wonder where on earth it’s gonna end‘n what tragedy it’s gonna take t’ get some sanity back again…it’s..
©2006 Mark Brine/Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)