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Written by: Mark Brine

1. The old bag lady ... she nursed her coffee‘til the manager came ‘n sent her awayfrom the warmth of the restaurant ... Into the dark city’s cold niteFrightened ‘n alone ... to await the break ‘a day

2. The old bag lady ... wouldn’t go to the mission‘cause everybody knows ... It’s more dangerous therefor a  woman or a young boy ... they’re just the right preyfor the strong and the drunk men ... that are always hangin’ ‘ round

Chorus:The old bag lady ... you’ve seen her kind around‘n maybe you turned your head to pretend not t’ see what you had found‘n folks’ll tell ya, that sin ... Is just the wrong things that ya doBut, ya know, it’s just as much the things that ya don’t ... Yeah, that’s just as Gospel truth

3. The mornin’s bitter wind cut like a knifeDown the iced ‘n glazin’ alleyAs the dawn’s frozen sun shedIt’s lite on the place ... where the ...
Old bag lady ... lie silenced foreverJust another victim of neglect Of an uncaring human race©/Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)