1. The Paper God
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Written by: Mark Brine

1. And they made a paper godand upon it they put a face‘n they worshipped it ‘n honored it ... all thru-out their daysconquering and killin’ for ... its Almighty sakethat they might share in the power of ... this paper god so great ...

Chorus:Yes, the paper god ... the paper god

2. and it created class distinctionsbetween the peoples of the landprejudice ‘n favoritism to the ones it came to handand the nations of this world agreed that all would serve this kingand those who wouldn’t should perishwithout the basic needed thing ... yeah, the ...

3. and in their quest to serve itits followers destroyed the landravagin and robbing it ... 'til not a living thing did stand‘n the children cried in hunger to a multitude of ears that were deaf  ‘n unconcerned ... and fortheir greed, they wouldn’t share ... the ...

4. and in all the words they said ... they praised it up on high‘til at last it was revealed and the truth came to their eyes ... and they saw that they’d been hurtin’ themselves ... ‘n it was only them to faultfor all’a the wrongs that were around themfrom their false god, they exhalt ... yes ... the ... ©1990 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)