1. To Be With Him
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Written by: Mark Brine

1. In a world ... where the blind lead the blindYou’d think by now we’d seeThat no one has the answers to lifeFor that’s God’s great mystery ... no ...

Chorus:Our’s is just to be with HimIn unison ‘n not in sinAnd just maybe ... maybe thenIf we try to ... we’ll forever ... be with Him

Bridge:To be with Him ... In the glory of His KingdomTo be with Him ... In the way that He had planned itTo be with Him ...

2, Yet, we argue with ourselves ‘til we’re blue in the faceSearchin’ desperately to findthe inner peace ... no further than the puttin’ Him-first-in-our-minds ... ‘cause ...

To be with Him ... ‘n find more than just an existenceTo be with Him ... ‘n find harmony with natureTo be with Him ... ‘n obey the laws He gave usTo be with Him ... to accept the bad as well as goodTo be with Him ... ‘n stop killin’ off each otherTo be with Him ... ‘n enjoy the world He gave us  To be with Him ... to love Him first ‘n alwaysTo be with Him ... ‘n not to be against HimTo be with Him ... where there’ll be no more temptationTo be with Him ... where there’ll be no tears of sorrow
©1986 Mark Brine Music (BMI)