From the recordings for Karrie and Farm Girl

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Written by Mark Brine 

Up on Elk's Ridge ... where you promised to be mine.  I carved your initials in that evergreen pine 'n whenever I would see you ... down at Coggin's feed with your Daddy by your side ... you'd always sneak a wink at me. 
Gosh, I couldn't sleep, back then ... I'd lie nights in my bed with visions, so private ... rushin' thru my head 'n whenever I would see you ... they'd replay in my thoughts 'n I'd flush that you might see them ... 'n somehow I'd be caught. 
Chorus:  Yeah, up on Elk's Ridge ... where it all began.  I was a boy ... becoming a man (2. I was your boy but now I'm your man) and you were a girl ...a lady to be (2.  And you're still the girl ... the lady for me..’cause…) and we made our commitment ... beneath that evergreen tree ... yes, you 'n me, babe ... up on Elk's Ridge.  
Well, our children, they've grown up ... and all but moved away.  It’s been many'a year, now ... since that so-eventful day.  And, darlin' my feelings ... they've grown, but haven't changed you're still my young sweetheart ... so let's go back again ... yes ...  ©2003 Mark Brine  -  Mark Brine Music (BMI)