1. Why I Yodel
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Written by: Mark Brine

1. For oh so long, I hung my head actin’ like a proper fool
Despisin’ the world and’a broodin’ about the way it always seemed so cruel

2. Never realizin’ how times a passin’ with me dwellin’ on my many regrets
Then one day, I threw ‘em down ‘n I started lookin’ ‘round ‘n I never stopped t’ find them, yet

So, if you’re wonderin’ why I yodel
When I haven’t got a reason to
If you’re wonderin’ why I yodel ... I gotta tell ya that
I do, too
But, I do ... do ... da it without reason ...
Ya, you could call it medicinal ...
Hey, what can I say ... If ya wonderin’ why I yodel

3. Ain’t’a gonna do n’ good if ya do y‘self no good ... might as well
try’n make it your day
‘cause, if ya waitin’ for some help ‘n don’t enterain y’self
You’re gonna find yourself pretty dismayed

4. So, why not yodel when ya work, even yodel when ya hurt
‘cause nuthin’s ever gonna change
Might as well keep ‘em wonderin’ why you’re happy all the time
That’s the secret of the game ... ya ...
©1990 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)