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Written by: Mark Brine

1. Me and Willie, we’d run away
Out here to Styles pond
‘N stay here till the early hours’
Meet the break of dawn
Then one night Willie drowned here
In a still-unanswered way
But, in the memories of my youth
He’s still alive today

2. Willie would’ve have been my age, but
God just didn’t plan
On Willie’s ever growin’ up
To be a full grown man
But, through the spring years of our lives
We pal’d together here
I’d talk about the future, but Willie’d
Never seem to hear

Willie, can ya hear me?
I wish-t-God you could
It’s almost like ya knew it, Willie
I just never understood
Willie, are ya happy?
Are ya where ya wanted to be ... or
Willie, do ya ever come back here
And reminisce like me?

Willie used to say that he
Could hear God’s angels sing
And even to this day, I always
Just sit here, listening
And sometimes it’s like I hear them
When I stare across the pond
And way off in the distance, I swear I’m hearin’
Willie singin’ long

©1990 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)