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Written by:  MARK BRINE
 I don't know what it is about you But you sure can satisfy You've got some kinda lover's knack You hardly even have 'ta try
 (it's) like you were born with somethin' extra You give me more than what's enough And, oh darlin' you sure got a way with love

 Chorus: YOU SURE GOT A WAY with love You sure got a way with love You sure do know your stuff You sure got a way with love

 It all just comes so nat'ral to you So effortless and free And bein' on the receivin' end I guess someone up there sure likes me
 'cause, I've been blessed, by simply bein' The only one you're dreamin' of And oh darlin', you sure do do got a way with love©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)