Written by: MARK BRINE
Remember when we was just knee-high to a grasshopper
'n you talked me inta puttin' that thumbtack on Mrs. Daley's chair
Well, I sure got my behind warmed 'n you just sat there 'n smiled, Rebecca
'n in spite of all my agony, somehow I just didn't care
Then, there was the time down at Miller's General Store
when I tried to steal that candy bar for you
Well, I sure caught the devil 'n once again you just smiled that famous smile
'n in spite of all the scoldin' I just had 'ta laugh about it, too 'cause
I've always been a sucker for your smile, Miss Rebecca
From childhood thru high school days, I always was (2.played) your fool
Your ever-true accomplice 'n you've known it all the while
Yeah, I've always been a sucker for your smile (ah, Miss Rebecca)
All those crazy episodes, oh the stories we could tell
That time ya got me to climb down then take ya to the movies
with them coins from the wishin' well
Yeah, it's been one situation after another for you 'n me
We've sure had more than our fair share of adventures 'n catastrophes
But, now we've grown a little older 'n you're sure bloomin' inta a fine young lady
'n I can see a different sorta mischief in your eyes
'n yes, I can tell what's on your mind 'n I'm game, just like ev'ry other time
'n I swear I’m gonna be that way until the day I die. 'cause …
©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)