From the recording Tall Tales and Therefore Truths

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Written by Mark Brine

1. Of all the heroic deeds that are told of the Boy Scouts
There’s probably none more brave and tragic than this one I’ll sing about

2. It was down in Tennessee when Jim Wright, a Troop Scoutmaster
Took his boys out for a weekend hike unaware of lurking disaster

3. In a cabin, near a little stream they bedded down for the night but, with the
Darkness came the sound of rapid waters waking SCOUTMASTER JIM WRIGHT

4. Jumping up and out of his bunk he rushed outside to find the flood
Rising and surrounding the cabin porch with just so little time

5. So, hurrying back inside, he woke his Scouts and to contain their fear
He said “We’re gonna play a game now, boys and have a drill, so gather near”

6. Then, leading them up and out to the roof one by one, he showed the way
All the while, distracting their tears and fears with light-hearted, joking things he’d say

7. Then, as fate would have it an upstream dam gave ‘way
Unleashing waters and debris with the power of a tidal wave

8. Crashing, it tore the cabin free from its foundation, and afloat
It drifted with the boys aboard like a spinning, un-manned boat

9. As the world went ‘round and ‘round in the dizzy, turmoiled night
One boy lost his grip and went down and to save him, in jumped SCOUTMASTER JIM WRIGHT

10. Well, neither of them were ever seen again and before the rescue came
Seven boys had lost their lives but many others still remained

11. Yes, had it not been for the courage of brave SCOUTMASTER JIM WRIGHT
And his comforting encouragements... they all would have surely lost their lives

12. So, with this tribute to his valor... Let us keep his memory alive
And may it serve as an example of the way of Boy Scout life

13. To be brave, unselfish, the best we can all through-out our lives
And be reminded by this tragic and heroic account of SCOUTMASTER JIM WRIGHT

©2020 Miss Rebecca Music (Ascap)