From the recording Tall Tales and Therefore Truths

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Written by Mark Brine

GOIN’ TO A JAMBOREE... a Boy Scout Jubilee
Scouts from all over the world are gonna go, just like me
Gonna learn new things.. sing new songs (2. Share good times)
What fun (2. A time) it’s gonna be… Boy, am I excited

1. There’ll be Scouts from South America... Argentina and Peru
From France and England... Europe and Australia
Africa and Asia too
Black Scouts, White Scouts... Yellow and Red
It’s a World-Wide Brotherhood
All working hand in hand... in every single land… Yeah, working
For all mankind’s good... Yeah, and it’s gonna be good
(REPEAT CHORUS, making lyric changes)

2. There’ll be contests, competitions, swimming, hiking
And lots of campfires too
With tales and songs we’ve never heard
All completely new
What a time we’re gonna have, I know
I can hardly wait to see those tents and flags ‘a flapping
At the big-time Jamboree... yes, siree... ‘cause, we’re (REPEAT CHORUS)

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