From the recording Tall Tales and Therefore Truths

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Written by Mark Brine

1. Lord, help me be TRUSTWORTHY... in every single way
Let my truth and honesty guide me through each day
Teach me to be LOYAL to all of those close to my heart... To You,
My Family, Friends and Country when we’re together or apart

2. To those, in need, I meet... Let me always lend a hand
HELPFUL... never lazy on my road to being a Man
Yes, and let my smiles be warm, sincere... abundant in degree
‘cause, FRIENDLY, that’s my nature... and may it always be

3. COURTEOUS and never rude... I hope to always show respect
Be polite, the way you’d want me to... Lord forbid, that I’d neglect
And Dear Father, may I be KIND to every living Being that You made
From all persons to each creature and ever-ready to be of aid

4. Lead me down the straightened path... never straying from what’s right
OBEDIENT to my elders... for they’re more experienced at life
And when I’m taught... or when I know... whichever be the case
May the signs of being CHEERFUL always radiate from my face

5. With natural resources... or money, friends, to name a few
THRIFTY, let me know their worth... conserve and nurture too
And, BRAVE... yes, teach me courage and to know the right times to be shown
Especially when there’s no one else and it’s up to me alone

6. And when it comes to my thoughts and deeds... I think you’ll know just what I mean
Or when it rolls around to that Saturday night bath, and I’m lazy... give me a
Little push to keep me CLEAN

7. And Father, like the words from Your First Commandment... I’ve saved the most important one of all
for my last... may I be REVERENT and always ‘Be Prepared’ to serve
Your call

©2020 Miss Rebecca Music (Ascap)