From the recording American Pieces

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Written by: Mark Brine

1. There’s a boy ‘n girl sittin’ on a swing
He reaches out ‘n touches her hand
An awkward attempt with the fear of rejection
It’s a scene we can all understand

It’s love in the purest form
As touchin’ as a babe bein’ born
(2. As touchin’ as when their babes’ll be born)
(3. As glorious as the moment re-born)
Another soul seekin’ refuge ‘n relief from the storm
And love in the purest form

2. The organ plays ... She comes down the aisle
All his world he can see in her eyes
With the ring on her hand they become woman ‘n man
Vowing to devote their whole lives

(repeat chorus, making lyric changes)

3. An old man so feebly tries to get dressed
In his suit ‘n his tie
She straightens his collar ... brushes off some lint
What’ll she do without him by her side
(repeat chorus, making changes)
©1984 /Mark Brine Music (BMI)