1. New Jerusalem

From the recording New Jerusalem

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Written by Mark Brine

Chorus: What a Beautiful World it will be when Jesus comes again…..
(2. when Jesus Christ returns)
What glory is sure gonna be found in New Jerusalem

1. Close your eyes'n visualize a world without sorrow or pain
No more of life's trials to lure you to sin & its prisoning chain
Yes, all of that will be behind us never to weigh us again
'N that's how it's gonna be... when Jesus comes again
(Repeat Chorus w/ lyric change)

2. Sometimes I get so burdened when I look at this world that I'm in
Filled with its hatred 'n greed, hypocrisy, lust 'n evil sins
But, thru the smog, I can see a light shining of a promise that's waiting in store
Of a life, more glorious than ever with wonders un-witnessed before

(Repeat Chorus one … adding a tag line resolve)