From the recording Everything's Gonna Be Alright

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Written by Mark Brine

1. Come here you silly thing, let me wipe your runny nose
'N dry those red-eyed tears, now tell me how the story goes
'Cause, y' know when something's hurtin' you 'n the world brings out your lows
I'm always there to lift you up 'n get you on your toes

Chorus: Everything's Gonna Be Alright ... Believe me, when I say
No use dwelling on it, honey ... tomorrow's another day
As long as we've got each other ... the future's lookin' bright
So, come here, let me slow you, darlin'... Everything's Gonna Be Alright

2. Why, just the other day, you had your finger beneath my chin
Sayin' "Babe, now don't you worry 'cause the sun's gonna shine again"
'N I believed 'n sure enough it did ... Now here we are like this
'N I'm tellin' you to trust me, babe ... there'll be lots more happiness

(Repeat Chorus, tagging w/That's what I'm tellin' you now, honey ... Everything's ... etc.)

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