From the recording Delta Moonlit Sky

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Written by Mark Brine

1. Shacks along the highway 'neath a Delta Moonlit Sky
The echo of a steel guitar replays its wailin' cry
Moanin' in the Midnight to the fadin' speed 'n wind
The motor, hot 'n groanin', as this late night journey begins
A truck off, in the distance ... a Semi on the hill
Like a caterpillar winding, draggin' slowly up against its will
'N I'm thinkin' 'bout you, Baby ... a million miles behind
'N if, by chance, I ever somehow out of memory.. cross your mind

Then, this sad, heart-breakin' feeling
Starts weighin' in my Soul
The toll that it has taken
Leaves me out of breath 'n cold
'Til the bitter sting of teardrops
starts risin' in my eyes
But, I force them back to focus
On this Delta Moonlit Sky

2. Such a long road lies before m on this lonely, late-night drive
'N I ride along remembering all the hurt I've kept inside
'N I wonder if I'll ever find the peace that fills my eyes
As I scan the vast horizon 'n this Delta Moonlit Sky

Yes, this Delta Moonlit Sky ...

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