1. Farm Girl

From the recordings rural notes: and Farm Girl

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MARK BRINE - vocals, guitar
BRIAN WHALEY - violins
WRITER: Mark Brine
PUBLISHER: Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
RELEASE DATE: 02/05/2024

1. Farm Girl with your Farm Girl freckled face ...
I still see you in the misty mornin' haze
like a photo in a mental frame ... time won't erase ...
Farm Girl ...

Chorus 1:
Your light hair sways, like the wheat 'n moves
'n wraps below your chin
as the wind, so free, caresses you
as you turn to smile again ... Farm Girl

2. Yeah, Farm Girl with your hair across your face
I still see you in the meadow thru the haze
like a picture in a mental frame from distant days
Farm Girl...

Chorus 2:
The image, once sharp, like a black 'n white
has dimmed but still alone at night
I see you in the shadow of my memory
'n the scene remain of you 'n me ... Farm Girl ...

©2023 Mark Brine